Attention all students: Longwood University is offering a summer Dual Enrollment "Economics & Personal Finance" course from June 27 to July 30. This course will count for both high school and college credit. You must have 3.0 GPA or higher to register for the course. Scholarships for students in need are available. See your school counselor if you are interested in taking this course. The deadline for signing up is May 31.

· The SAT will be administered at PECHS on June 4, 2022. The deadline for registration is May 5, 2022, and the deadline for late registration is May 25. You can register for this test at

The Amont'e Vaughan Memorial Scholarship is available to seniors who are on the Varsity basketball team. The deadline to submit the application is May 31st. Copies of the application are available at the front of the Counseling Office.

Students: Please remember that outside food deliveries are not allowed during the instructional day.

➡️Important Senior Announcements➡️

Seniors: If you have not submitted your FAFSA, schedule a meeting with Ms. Curry ASAP. The official deadline to submit the FAFSA is June 30th, but the sooner you submit, the more financial aid you're eligible for.

Senior Showcase: May 24th | 9AM in the Auditorium | See Ms. Duncan for more information: [email protected]
Senior Picnic: May 24th following the Senior Showcase | 11:30AM | Wilcks Lake | See Ms. Cook for more information: [email protected]
Graduation Practice: May 25th | 9AM in the middle school gym | After practice you will receive 4 tickets for graduation. Those who work in the division will not need a ticket
Graduation Class of 2022:
Where: Middle School Gym
When: Thursday, May 26th Time: 6:30PM Appropriate Graduation Attire: Ladies: You should wear black shoes.  Comfortable shoes with low heels are suggested; flip flops are unacceptable. Earrings should be medium.  Large hoop earrings are unacceptable for graduation. Your hairstyle should allow you to wear your mortarboard without fear of losing it.  Also, the mortarboard should be as level as possible; it should never tilt. Your skirt or dress should not be longer than your gown.  Do not wait until the morning of graduation to see if your gown is longer than your dress or skirt. Your dress or skirt should be a light color so that it does not show through your gown.

Men: You should wear black dress shoes with your cap and gown.  Brown shoes and flip flops are unacceptable. You should wear a white shirt with a dark tie and black dress pants. Note:    Seniors are not allowed to decorate their mortarboards.

Herff Jones Website
College & Career Readiness:

The Centra Southside Community Hospital Auxiliary Health Care Scholarship is now available in the Counseling office and on the Class of 2022 Canvas page. Please continue to check Canvas often for new scholarship opportunities.
PECHS is excited to announce a new social sciences leadership program known as the Bridge Builders Community Scholars for rising juniors. Beginning this fall, this program is intended to foster community while working to create a better future for our citizens. Students who participate in this program will take a history course focusing on Prince Edward County, learn more about community activism, citizen leadership, and will make a meaningful impact on the broader community. Students who complete this program will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship. Any current sophomores who are interested in participating in this program should contact Mr. Feathers or Ms. Duncan for more information.
Are you interested in learning about the field of dental health sciences? The Dental Health Summer Institute is a free virtual course provided by the Old Dominion University School of Dental Hygiene and the Delta Dental of Virginia Foundation for 10th, 11th and 12th graders interested in the profession of dental health. For more information and to register, check out the Opportunities module on your class Canvas page.
The Terrell H. Dunnavant Scholarship, sponsored by the Kyanite Mining Corporation, is now available for graduating seniors. This scholarship is for $5,000 annually for four consecutive years. There are only three scholarship applications available, which will be first come, first serve. Please see Ms. Curry if you wish to apply for this scholarship
Seniors, more scholarships, including The Granville P. Meade Scholarship, are now available on the Class of 2022 Canvas page. Be sure to check out these scholarship opportunities!
Seniors: The Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Virginia has released their History Essay Contest for College Scholarship, which will award a maximum of four scholarships up to $6,000. Information on this scholarship can be found in the front of the counseling office and on the Class of 2022 Canvas page.
Seniors, if you are interested in joining a branch of the military, and wish to speak to a recruiter from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Virginia National Guard, please email Ms. Duncan.

Prince Edward Eagle Athletics:

Spring sport athletes are to leave on 3rd wave. If you bring bats or tennis racquets to school you may not walk around with them-put them in your locker or leave in a teachers classroom.

Spring 2022 Athletic Schedule

Students must have a VHSL Sports Physical to try out for any VHSL sport. Physical forms can be picked up at Prince Edward High School in the main office, CTE office, or download them here.

Visit the Counseling Website
Transportation information click here.

Dress Code:
1. Torn, holey, or ripped clothing that exposes skin above the knee is prohibited. Tights or leggings must cover any torn areas which may expose skin above the knee.
2. Hats, caps, shower caps, bonnets, visors, stocking caps, bandanas, headbands, or hoods worn around the head or neck must be removed upon entering the building.
3. Skirts, dresses, and shorts should not be higher than 4 inches above the knee from the center of the kneecap when standing. This is also true of slits in long or short skirts.
4. Leggings, jeggings, and tights need a dress worn over top of them that is fingertip length or longer.
5. Pants, sweat pants, low-ride pants, and shorts must be worn to the waist, without exposing underwear or skin.
6. Bedroom slippers are not to be worn to school. Shoes are to be worn at all times for safety and sanitary reasons.
7. Low-cut tops/shirts, halter tops, body suits, tops that reveal the navel or midriff, shirts/dresses with spaghetti straps and other revealing clothing are also not acceptable. All tops/shirts must not show cleavage and they must have a 3 finger width in the strap.
8. Tank tops, muscle shirts, and see-through clothing are not acceptable.
9. Biker pants, leotards, blankets, sleepwear or loungewear worn as outerwear, or chains are prohibited.
10. Sunglasses (or other dark or shaded glasses) are not to be worn in the building. If they are necessary for medical treatment, a physician’s permission will be required